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"Aw, damn," Edward sighed, crossing his arms. "Are you serious? Another mission?"

The blonde stood there at Colonel Roy Mustang's desk, having to hear out the details of another stupid mission his superior had assigned him.

"Yup." The raven-haired man put down bluntly, searching a few drawers.

"I've had two missions this week!" Edward stamped his foot childishly, giving a tired pout. "Give me a break, Colonel!"

"Hmph, don't act like you're the only one working hard."

"Oh please! All you ever do is sleep and pretend you're busy cleaning the windows"

"…Anyway…Your mission is to go to a local mad man's house. He's been recently reported for doing illegal alchemy."

The blonde gave a huff, and put his hands behind his head. More people using alchemy for evil. Just what he needed.

"Here," Roy muttered, handing his young subordinate a small slip of paper. "The address is on there. Go there tonight."

"Lovely, thanks." Ed stuffed the paper in his back pocket. Heck, it could get squished to pieces for all he cared. But he still knew he would have to make an unexpected visit tonight to 21 Lantern Lane.

That night, Edward had walked to the house that the Colonel had specified. It was made out of a weak, old-looking wood, with doors that seemed as if they would fall off any second.
The blonde walked up to the door, and he pushed on the handle slightly, no expecting it to be open. Surprisingly, the door creaked open slowly, being kept unlocked.

"Well, I guess I'll come in…" Edward muttered, stepping through the door. There was only one hallway that led to a single room and the hallway was lined with jars and books filled with alchemical knowledge. The young alchemist would have liked to stay and look through the books, but he remembered that he had a mission to fulfill.  He sighed, cursing his superior once again inside his head. He walked through the hall and opened the single door slowly, poking his head through to get a look. The room was empty, but transmutation circles were drawn everywhere, with one huge circle in the center. There were very few lights hanging from the ceiling. In the middle of the huge transmutation circle, was a small blonde cat.

"So he was doing chimera transmutation, now was he?"  Edward walked to the blonde cat holding his hand out.

"Yes I was…" A voice hissed. A man then came from a shaded part of the room, his eyes a dark brown and his hair an even darker brown, covering his eyes.

"Alright let's make this quick…" Edward sighed, rolling his shoulders. He then charged at the man, getting ready to punch him. But the man kicked him in the gut, before the blonde boy could land a punch.

Edward went flying across the room. The cat ran to his aid, licking his hand lightly, mewing softly.
A light bulb flashed in the man's head, clapped his hands, and placed them on the transmutation circle. An extremely bright light was seen, and a gust of wind flowed in the room. Suddenly, a mini-typhoon formed around Edward and the cat, the wind pressure knocking the man on his back. The wind was lightly brightened at first, but it quickly changed to a dark black.

'Shit! It's too late!'  Edward thought, the cat beside him already starting to panic.  Another bright light was shown, and the wind died down.

A few minutes later, footsteps were heard in the hallway. Apparently, Roy's men had followed Ed to the house.

Lt. Hawkeye slammed the door open, and ran in, the other men following her.

"Hold it!" She aimed a gun at the brown-haired man, who was just about ready to escape.

"Where's Fullmetal! ?" Roy shouted, pushing his way the team of men.

"Ummm…Colonel?" Havoc said, pointing to a small body in the middle of the circle. "I think you should see this."

Roy, Havoc, Hawkeye, and the other men had surrounded the body, looking with curiosity.
The body had Edward's blonde hair, held back with the same braid. He had Edward's red coat, pants and boots, with the same gloved auto-mail arm.  The only thing difference was that he had blonde cat ears sprouting from his head, and a blonde cat tail.

"Fullmetal?" Roy said softly.

The blonde's eyes fluttered open, and rose up slowly. He rubbed his eyes sleepily, looking up at the people surround him.

"..What?" Edward questioned, looking at the staring faces.

Hawkeye reached over and lightly scruffed his ears. Ed then gave out a soft, content purr.
"He's a…cat…" Roy mumbled mindlessly. Fullmetal was a cat. A cute, adorable, little cat. A cute, adorable, little cat with a blonde tail and blonde cat ears. A cute-

"Colonel? Colonel!" Hawkeye snapped in front of Roy's face, bringing him back to earth. "Please pay attention! This is a very serious situation!"

"Right, so…What happened?" Roy asked.

Hawkeye sighed, not surprised that he hadn't been listening. "Apparently Edward got tangled into the transmutation and got mixed with a cat."

"So…He's kind of like a chimera?" Havoc questioned.

"You could say that." Hawkeye said to the blonde smoker.

"Hey, so what now! ?" Edward shouted from across the room, sitting on the couch. His tail swayed from side to side and his cat ears twitching slightly. "I can't go to headquarters like this! They'll send me to a lab!"

"That's true…but I've got Black Hayate to take care of, so I don't want more fur in my home."

"Well, pets aren't allowed in the dorms," Fuery pointed out.

Everyone was silent for a second, running through the options.

"What about you, sir?" Havoc turned to the colonel, who just realized that he was the only one could take on the blonde cat-boy.

"Me? B-But I-"Roy thought for a moment. He would have Edward to himself. A cat Edward. A cute, cat Edward. All to himself.

"Fine," Roy sighed with annoyance, yet in his mind he was jumping for joy.
WHAT? ! ?" Edward jumped from the couch, outraged. "I DON'T WANNA STAY WITH THAT BASTARD!"
He pointed viciously at the raven-haired man, who just ignored the "bastard" comment.

"Oh c'mon, chief. It won't be that bad," Havoc assured, patting his head. "Hey, when he's out of the house, you'll be free to rip up his couch or something!"

"HAVOC! !" Roy yelled at his subordinate. "Don't give him any ideas!"
Havoc just shrugged and remained silent.

"Well, now that that's settled…" Roy stood up and grabbed his black coat that was resting beside him. "Let's be off, Fullmetal."

"What? Right now?"

"Your younger brother is in Resembool for the week, right? The military will let him know of the situation."


"No 'buts'." The raven-haired man walked to the blonde and picked him up bridal-style, much to Edward's, and everyone else's, surprise.

"HEY!" Ed struggled to get out of his hold. "Let me go, Colonel Bastard!"

"Hmmm…I don't think so."

Roy turned to look at the blonde smoker.

"I entrust you the job of calling Alphonse Elric to let him know of his brother."

Havoc struggled to translate that into a response, when he quickly went into a stiff salute.

"Aye, sir," the older blonde said.

Roy walked out of the room with a smirking face and his small, blonde prize, as everyone stared at him on his way out.
Even though Edward is now a neko, he still is just as resistant to Roy...

...for now... :iconimveryhappyplz:

Chapter 2: [link]
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